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My teams provide services, data, and software that help people manage their relationships, resources, and data.

Penname ManyStories www.sol.enterprises

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Copy Username Signup Form: Francelia Belton All I care about is a good story — if it’s good, I’m there. Writer of short stories, reader of everything. Loves movies, cool art/illustrations & pithy quotes.


Copy Username Signup Form: Lincoln W Daniel My passion is in developing software to enable people to accomplish their goals more efficiently. On a mission to make the internet bigger. It's a marathon.


Copy Username Signup Form: Danny Forest Viking-looking polymath writing for today’s knowledge economy, building a more skillful tomorrow.


Copy Username Signup Form: scott rooks I am a small business owner. I write for a living. It’s what I spent 80% of my time doing and I love it. https://scottrooks.com/portfolio


Copy Username Signup Form: Theo Sheppard Reading and writing about economics, politics, the environment and other ideas.

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