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Hi! I am eager to learn, I enjoy overcoming challenges and I have a genuine interest in business management.

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Copy Username Signup Form: Crystal A. Walker Blogger, author, creative writer, full-time RVer, & travel enthusiast. Cusses like a sailor because she was a sailor. Avoids conflicts & tells truth through humor when possible.


Copy Username Signup Form: Tom Handy Creative Writer / Real Estate, Stock and Crypto Investor / Veteran / Published in Army magazine & local newspapers / Quora partner with over 5.6 million views / 4 years Elite Yelper


Copy Username Signup Form: Karen Humphries Karen is a Change Facilitator who utilises kinesiology and wellness coaching techniques to defuse stress which prevents people from stepping onto their PATH, discovering their PASSION, embracing their POWER! Karen is also a business mentor utilising her investigator, auditor, project & contract management skills to support fledgling businesses in gettings established and thriving. Karen is passionate about encouraging everyone to embrace change and live their best life!


Copy Username Signup Form: DARSHAK RANA ✦20 X Medium Top Writer ✦ Founder of Spiritual Secrets ✦ Writer. Thinker. Spiritual. Pacifist. Engineer. Reader. Chef. ✦ ✦ Connect with me on Twitter:

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