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Copy Username Signup Form: Mark Kelly Ancient ex-programmer (ask me about Cobol) with a 12-year-old daughter (ask me about TikTok). Rebooting the writing habit after too long on the bench.


Copy Username Signup Form: Yağmur Psychologist & Family Counselor - Psikolog & Aile Danışmanı

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Copy Username Signup Form: Julian Dumitrascu My teams provide services, data, and software that help people manage their relationships, resources, and data.


Copy Username Signup Form: Scott Jones Proud owner and chief blogger at Pupster Passion. I have since I was a very little boy loved dogs of all different shapes, sizes and breeds. From the biggest mastiffs to the tiniest little teacup dogs, I really love each and every one of them. My goal in life is to help as many dog lovers as I possibly can to give their pet dogs the very best life possible. I do this by writing and blogging on my website giving the best advice I possibly can. I never stop reading and learning