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How you can get more blog traffic from Twitter on autopilot

Always be tweeting

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Hey there! I hear you loud and clear: marketing is extremely tough. The good news is you made it over hump day. The not so immediately good news is that growing your blog is a tough undertaking.

It can be extremely time consuming, and the results are often underwhelming early on. But you still need to do the work in order to reach your readers. It won’t be easy, but you’ll be so happy once you arrive.

Below, I’ll walk you through some quick and easy steps you can take to start getting more traffic to your blogs immediately.

Always be sharing on Twitter

Yes, always. Twitter is like a megaphone: the loudest and most frequent voice is heard and engaged. You may not have the loudest voice when you start, but nothing is stopping you from being the most frequent voice.

Here’s how you can say more on Twitter without spending all of your time tweeting by using Signal, the Tweet recycling service:

  • Schedule your tweets using Signal by simply copying and pasting the link to your articles
  • Signal will automatically suggest the best tweet with the right hashtags for your article.
  • Signal will continue to tweet your article on the schedule that you set; e.g. twice a day, once every three days, or any interval you'd like.

Seed engagement with your tweets

Signal also has an extremely useful new feature called Beacon. By setting up a beacon, you can team up with people who tweet about the same hashtags as you to automatically like and retweet one another’s tweets.

It’s super easy to get started, but you can read this article to learn more: How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog via Twitter Using Signal Beacon

Join writing groups to help one another get off the ground

Writers enjoy helping one another seed engagement. If you want to help other writers get off the ground, they’ll be happy to reciprocate the love. Joining writing groups on Facebook is great for this.

You can also join other groups outside of Facebook that are dedicated to helping writers grow together. Here are a few groups you can join:

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