Now, I make most of my money by writing. Here's how.

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I Never Wanted to Be a Writer

Now, I make most of my money by writing. Here's how.

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Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

If my count isn’t wrong, I’m approaching 420 articles written and four books published. That’s in the span of 18 months.

So much for not wanting to be a writer…

When I started writing 18 months ago, I only had one goal: improve my written English. I never aimed to become a writer.

My whole execution plan?

Publish an article every day, spending only 40 minutes writing it, figuring out the headline, choosing the right image, and editing it. It was insanely ambitious. And let me also reiterate that my native language isn’t English.

Now, here’s why you should probably care: I’ve never run out of ideas for things to write about.

How does one who’s not a writer struggle less than actual writers when it comes to finding inspiration about things to write?

For me, it’s simple, I don’t care about a lot of things writers care about. I am a content creator and there’s only one thing I care about: creating content that people find valuable. My syntax isn’t always the best. I do have typos and grammar errors. My tone is probably a little too friendly and not professional enough in most cases. My structure is also likely all over the place.

And you know what?

I don’t care.

I also very rarely know what I’m going to write about until I actually write it. So I write and slap a headline on top when I actually know what I wrote about. From there, I may tweak or remove the intro since it was basically just preliminary work. The whole process takes me 1–3 hours on average. Most articles make me less than $30. Some make me over $3,000.

Either way, I don’t care.

You want to know how I make good money writing only 1 hour every day?

Writing for me is a hobby. It’s something I want to do as I wake up every morning before 5 am. I write about things I’m passionate about that I know/hope will be of value to people.

I had a dip of six months in my writing where my stats went south. WAY south. In the span of less than a month, my view went down 90%. It took six months of consistently writing, without any signs of anything ever getting better, to finally get back on track.

If I cared about my stats, I’d be long gone.

So why should you care about all that?

Truth is, I see so many people overthinking things in groups I’m part of. When people ask me my secret, it’s simple: I write. If I have extra time, I “over” think it.

My life isn’t always exciting. There isn’t something new and great to write about every day. Who cares?

Take one of your old articles you find great and make it better. One article I wrote early on had some decent traction and I think it offered a lot of value for the reader. On a day where I was flying to a beach island for Christmas, I took 30 minutes to update it and published it right before jumping on the plane.

I landed and noticed it blew up a few hours later.

Here’s exactly the result:

Old story:

Go to story (low earnings because it wasn’t in the Partner Program at first)

Reworked story:

Go to story

You know how much reflection went into that second article?

About two minutes. Two minutes of reflection + 30 minutes to rework made me $2,329 and counting.

Overthinking things is preventing you from making these moments happen.

My top 7th story is also a republished/improved story. If you can’t write, you can still improve an older piece.

So, now that people are calling me a writer, I guess I am a writer. Technically, most of my money comes from writing. But I never feel like a writer. A writer cares about writing and content, I only care about content.

I have no process. I only do what I like doing.

So if you’re a writer, like writing. Like the process. Jump out of bed for it.

Finding it hard? For me, writing is entertainment, as people with their social networks or their Netflix. If you can’t make writing entertaining, maybe it’s time for a break?

Thanks for reading, and sharing! :)

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